G3-3D 3 Axis Gimbal

Geocalla G3-3D 3 axis gimbal is customized for GoPro Series. With a high degree of accuracy and lightweight gimbal system and brings them to the GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4 for smooth videos. No need to rely on the flight control systems. It supports various devices like aircrafts, cars and boats. It's ideal for extreme sports, aerial shots, FPV liker, professional filmmaking and Ad shooting.

General Features Built-in Functions 1.3-axis high performance gimbal
2.Effortless Setup
3.Supports parameters adjustment and firmware upgrade
4.Can be solo used, no need to rely on flight control systems
5.Totally-enclosed motor, is not affected by iron filings, sand and dust
7.When charging, change SD card or battery you don't have to remove the camera
8.Low power consumption and wide range of current
Peripheral Equipment Supported Camera GoPro3, GoPro3+ Black and Sliver and GoPro 4
Mechanical and Electronic Characteristic Operating Current Static: 100mA (@10V)
Dynamic: 300mA (@10V)
Input Power 3S~5SLiPo(11.1V~23V)
Operating Temperature 0°C~60°C
Weight 166g
Dimensions 94mmX105mmX90mm
Operating Characteristics Control Angle Accuracy Tilt/Roll: ±0.05°;
Yaw: ±0.05°
Control Rotation Range Pitch: -100°~+10°

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